Agilica is a Melbourne based outfit specialising in agile coaching, consulting and training. We are here to help you on your agile journey.

Who we are

We are a specialised, networked organisation of experts that prefer to operate on an outcomes basis. We are an energetic team of creative coaches, consultants and trainers who can come up with innovative, outcome based solutions that are right for you.

Agile Training

We have years of experience in building bespoke agile training that meets your needs. We have built and trained many different teams and organisations across the globe. Agile at Scale, SAFe, Kanban and Scrum and various derivatives are the most popular. We also teach you how to build your own Way of Working, which is an increasingly popular offering. Message us to know more.

Agile coaching

We have a network of expert agile coaches who will aim to coach your teams to be as independent as possible in the shortest space of time possible. We have methods to measure how effective and valuable agile coaching is and will work with you to tailor these measurements to what's right for you.


We offer honest and upfront advice to help improve your delivery and organisational situation. We are not affiliated or constrained to any official bodies, hence we operate entirely on what is right for you, which is where we and you, can really shine. The entire Agilica network have a strong and proven background in consulting.

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